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​​Canada’s TELUS Taps Mediamorph for Contract Management Services

Canadian telecommunications company TELUS has tapped Mediamorph and its cloud-based enterprise software and data services to automate contract management and programmer fee calculations, the companies announced.

TELUS currently has nearly 13 million subscribers, and with all Canadian TV service providers legally required to provide à la carte subscription options as of late 2016, Mediamorph expects more business in helping manage contracts and payments from TV providers in that country, along in others where à la carte options appear.

Mediamorph’s content-orchestration and financial-processing technology brings together rights information, contract and financial data together in one platform, with the goal of helping customers better understand the value of content, and optimize how that content is used.

“We are excited to partner with TELUS to help them automate their settlement processes and ensure accuracy and compliance,” said Mediamorph CEO Rob Gardos. “Mediamorph’s solution will provide TELUS with a simple and powerful option to manage their evolving packaging offerings and associated costs.”

Blair Miller, VP of content solutions for TELUS, added: “TELUS is committed to offering our customers the most compelling and flexible content packaging and pricing options available so they can choose how best to experience their favorite entertainment.

“By working with Mediamorph we can better support our customers’ needs while also improving accuracy, reducing processing time and gaining the flexibility we need to drive our business.”