NAGRA, Studios Tee Up Security Insights for July 25 Content Protection Summit

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Sky Looks to Cisco to Increase Content Protection Across Screens

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Game of Thrones Premiere Ignites Annual Piracy Bonanza (TorrentFreak)

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IATSE Convention Opens With Congressman’s Speech About Piracy Threat (Deadline)

Delegates to the opening day of IATSE’s 68th Convention in Hollywood, FL, heard a local U.S. congressman blast President Donald Trump and Congress for failing to address one of ... More

Irdeto, MultiChoice Africa Ltd. Help Jail Content Pirates (MESA)

Digital platform security Irdeto, working with MultiChoice Africa Limited, a provider of video entertainment services in Africa, earlier this month touted their efforts in the se... More

Following the Kodi Crackdown (OTT2)

In the media industry, there’s no dirtier word right now than “Kodi.” The popular media management software is under siege, and the once vibrant ecosystem that supported it i... More

Hollywood Wants Governments to Push Voluntary Anti-Piracy Deals (TorrentFreak)

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Baidu Cloud: The Putlocker No One Talks About

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France’s Most-Visited Torrent Site Shut Down (TorrentFreak)

T411, France's most-visited torrent site, has been shut down by police in France and Sweden. With millions of users, the platform was a true giant and a top 50 site in France. Tw... More

How Malware Gets Inside Your Apps (GCN)

Malicious software on popular mobile platforms such as iOS and Android is at best a nuisance and at worst a security threat to individuals and businesses. Known as malware, some... More

Roku Device Sales Blocked in Mexico on Piracy Concerns (Bloomberg)

Roku Inc. set-top boxes were pulled from the shelves of major department-store chains in Mexico after a court blocked sales of the devices, saying they could be hacked to let users... More

A Deal With the Dark Overlord: These Are the Rules Imposed by the Hollywood Hackers (The Wrap)

When the hackers known as The Dark Overlord stole the latest season of “Orange is the New Black,” they sent a list of demands — but not the way you might expect. The Dark Ov... More

New Coalition to Tackle Piracy Using Law Enforcement, Litigation

A new worldwide coalition of 30 entertainment companies will work with law enforcement, seek new partnerships with content protection groups, and file civil litigation against ille... More

Pixelogic Burbank Facility Receives CDSA Content Protection and Security Certification

Pixelogic, a global provider of content localization and distribution services for the media and entertainment industry, has received CDSA “Content Protection and Security Progra... More

MPAA’s Dodd: Europe Blocked Access to 845 Piracy Sites in 2016 (Variety)

Chris Dodd, chairman and CEO of the Motion Picture Assn. of America, praised European officials Monday for blocking access to 845 illegal websites in 2016 that were providing pirat... More

Cyberattacks Again Roil Hollywood … Can Anything be Done About It? (L.A. Times)

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Digital Watermark Leads Police Straight to Bollywood Pirates (Naked Security)

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CDSA Cybersecurity Pavilion 2017 Audio Now Online

Attendees of NAB Show 2017 were treated to three days of presentations by top cybersecurity and content protection experts from all corners of the media and entertainment sector, d... More

NexGuard Forensic Watermarking Enables SONIFI Solutions to Deliver OTT Content to Hospitality Sector (MESA)

NexGuard, a Kudelski Group company and provider of forensic watermarking technology and solutions, today announced that SONIFI Solutions is deploying its streaming session-based ... More

Netflix Shows How to Win the Piracy Wars (New York Post)

A hacker who unsuccessfully tried to hold Netflix for ransom has achieved an unexpected result: His failure shows that subscription-based business models in content distribution is... More