Cyber Security

Companies Turn to War Games to Spot Scarce Cybersecurity Talent (Bloomberg)

A major shipping company is under attack. With help from a corrupt executive, an international hacking syndicate called Scorpius, has penetrated the computer networks of Fast Frei... More

Don’t Click That! How to Spot an Invoice Impersonation Attack (TechRepublic)

Workers are seeing a wave of phishing attacks that send victims a link to a fake invoice that appears to come from a trusted party, according to a new threat spotlight report from ... More

From Oligarchs to New Yorkers, Kroll Vet Tommy Helsby Has a Risk Management View (The Straits Times)

Mention Russian oligarch and too frequently, the mental associations are with obscenely extravagant lifestyles, offshore accounts, trophy purchases of prestigious Western assets an... More

Cisco: Most IoT Projects Fail Due to Lack of Experience, Security (ZDNet)

Three quarters of all Internet of Things (IoT) projects are "failing", according to Cisco's Australian CTO Kevin Bloch, primarily because they have been designed to solve individua... More

Stateful Firewalls Holding Their Own After More Than Two Decades (NSS Labs Blog)

First patented in 1994 by Check Point Software, stateful firewalls are an evolution of the packet filtering firewall. Stateful firewalls were a game changer because they introduced... More

DDoS-for-Hire Service Launches Mobile App (KrebsOnSecurity)

In May 2013 KrebsOnSecurity wrote about Ragebooter, a service that paying customers can use to launch powerful distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks capable of knocking indi... More

Vulnerability and Patch Report, Nov. 12, 2017 (Citadel Information Group)

Important Security Updates Apple iOS: Apple has released version 11.1.1 of its iOS. Updates are available from Apple’s website. Google Chrome: Google has released Google Ch... More

NSS Labs Announces 2017 Next-Gen Intrusion Prevention System Group Test Results (CDSA)

NSS Labs has announced the results of its Next Generation Intrusion Prevention System (NGIPS) Group Test. In the 2017 NGIPS Group Test, security effectiveness testing was expanded ... More

What We Can Learn From PwC’s Latest Security Survey (IBM Security Intelligence)

In October 2018, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) released the latest edition of “The Global State of Information Security Survey.” For this report, the professional services firm ... More

Consumers Don’t Trust Businesses to Protect Their Data (Dark Reading)

High-profile breaches around the globe are putting consumers on edge and instilling a sense of mistrust that financial institutions and other businesses can deal with securing thei... More

Largest Cybersecurity M&A Deals in 2017 (CSO)

The cybersecurity market — estimated to be worth more than $1 trillion over the next five years — is simultaneously expanding and consolidating. CSO previously provided a li... More

Accenture: Cybercrime Concerns Limiting Canadians’ Use of Online Services (CDSA)

More than half of Canadian respondents (53 percent) say their concern about cybercrime is limiting their use of online services, according to a new survey from Accenture. ... More

Smart Lock, iCloud Keychain: Password Managers for the Rest of Us (Naked Security)

Here at Naked Security, we’ve been banging the drum for password managers for a long while now, and there are a number of strong examples out there in the marketplace. For peo... More

IBM Advances New Account Fraud Detection Via New Security Tool (Gears of Biz)

Online fraud attacks come in many forms and among the most common is new account fraud. IBM Security is now taking direct aim at the new account fraud problem by adding a feature ... More

Vulnerability and Patch Report, Nov. 5, 2017 (Citadel Information Group)

Important Security Updates Apple Multiple Products: Apple has released updates for multiple products, iCloud for Windows, Safari, tvOS, macOS High Sierra, Sierra and El Capitan,... More

PwC Study Reveals Hollywood Has a Trust Problem (Deadline)

A spate of high-profile cyberattacks — on Sony Pictures Entertainment, HBO, Netflix and the Walt Disney Co. — have given the entertainment industry an image problem. Consume... More

5 Questions to Ask Your CEO About Cybersecurity (CSO)

Businesses will continue to face a ton of cyber threats, some of which will impact organizations severely enough to require security measures that will reach far beyond compliance.... More

Strong Authentication Still Elusive for Businesses (InfoSecurity)

Businesses are continuing to rely on passwords, and those that are implementing additional authentication factors are choosing outdated options like static questions and SMS codes ... More

Where Emerging Cybersecurity Technology Fits in Your Business (CSO)

As 2017 enters the final stretch, security professionals still find themselves locked in a furious battle with hackers. Some 80 percent of the IT and security executives surveye... More

Malvertising Campaign Redirects Browsers to Terror Exploit Kit (ThreatPost)

Security experts are warning some “Quit Smoking” and “20 Minute Fat Loss” ads online are delivering more than sales pitches. According to researchers at Zscaler, ads are re... More