Facebook Testing New Tool to Boost Subscriptions for Publishers (Bloomberg)

Facebook Inc. plans to test a tool to drive more subscriptions from directly within its app. “Our partners consistently identified support for subscription business models as a t... More

Consolidating Content Into a Single Repository is Like Pushing a Rock Uphill, Only to Watch it Roll Back Down (Nuxeo Blog)

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Twitter Has ‘Kicked Around’ the Idea of Offering a Premium Subscription Service (Recode)

Twitter has “kicked around” the idea of creating a special premium or subscription membership service, and isn’t taking that business model off the table. That’s according ... More

Testronic Expands Translation, Localization, Globalization Service for Growing Worldwide Audiences (MESA)

Testronic has announced a significant increase in its translation offerings with services now available for over 40 languages. In addition to adding languages, the company has grea... More

Jeremy Renner Launches New App for Fans (THR)

Jeremy Renner is the latest Hollywood star to jump into the app game. The actor launched a free mobile app powered by escapex that gives him the ability to interact directly wit... More

iTunes Movie Rentals Finally Work Across Multiple Devices (Engadget)

Somehow, Apple went until 2017 before adding one of the most basic features to iTunes. You see, for the past nine years, when you'd rent a movie via the app, you'd have to watch it... More

Apple Debuts New Video Creation App (MESA)

Apple today introduced Clips, a new app that makes it quick and fun for anyone to create expressive videos on iPhone and iPad. The app features a unique design for combining video ... More

Netflix Will Explore Mobile-Specific Cuts of its Original Series (The Verge)

Netflix chief product officer Neil Hunt said in a briefing today with journalists in San Francisco that the company plans to explore streaming mobile-specific cuts of its original ... More

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MWC: UHD Alliance Unveils Mobile HDR Premium Spec, Logo (Twice)

The UHD Alliance has unveiled its specification and logo for portable devices first previewed at CES. Mobile HDR Premium will confirm the device meets the group’s defined perform... More

Music to My Ears: The Rise of High-Res Audio (SlashGear)

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Video Usage on Mobile Devices Closing Gap on Desktops: Study (MCN)

Mobile and desktop video consumption are running virtually neck-and-neck, with 86% of consumers saying they watch video on smartphones and other mobile devices, compared to 70% on ... More

20th Century Fox Releases Movie of the Day App on Apple TV (Variety)

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is bringing its Movie of the Day app to Apple TV: The new app, which is scheduled to go live on the device Tuesday, is going to highlight one mo... More

Attack of the Apps (TechCrunch)

It seems like a fair trade: Get your favorite mobile apps for free, be shown annoying ads in return. But that’s not all you’re doing in return. In reality, this trade has you g... More

AI is Going Mobile (Venture Beat)

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78% of People Have Made a Purchase Through a Smartphone (ARC)

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Twitter’s New Explore Tab is All About Live Video (Variety)

Twitter started to roll out a new Explore tab in its mobile apps Thursday that takes the place of the existing Moments tab, deemphasizing what was once seen as a key initiative to ... More

NeuLion, Southern Conference Announce Multi-Year Extension of Partnership (MESA)

NeuLion today announced that it has extended its partnership with the Southern Conference, one of the nation's oldest and most historic intercollegiate athletics conferences, to co... More